When the Wheels Come off

Keep your audience in rapt attention as they hear what happens when an organization is faced with a crisis where nothing works and the whole world is watching.

Every organization may face an expected crisis that tests the very existence of the company.  What do you do when that happens and nothing seems to work?

Once villified publicly, but now sought regularly by news organizations and major corporations, Michael Brown describes how to anticipate, react to and survive a crisis that has the potential of destroying any organization.

Hear the gripping details of how to recognize when things aren't working and what you must do to keep your organization afloat and working.

Don't think it won't or can't happen to you?  Then ask Michael Brown to speak to your group and see their reaction aftewards. 

Your employees and coworkers will have a new sense of responsibility and accountability. 

An Insider's View of 9/11

On September 11, 2001, Michael Brown found himself aboard a KC-135 being escorted by fighter jets back to Andrews Air Force Base.  Hear his intriguing story of what took place at the White House, the Pentagon, Ground Zero and FEMA in those days afterwards.

Personal Resilience - Surviving the Onslaught of Hate in Today's Wired World

The entire world is watching you feeling anger, frustration, bewilderment and yes, even sympathy.  But as the kleiglights of the television cameras and the invasiveness of the microphones invade, how does one survive the abandonment, the hatred and the feeling of any ability to control circumstances surrounding you?

Resilience is often applied to corporations, businesses and even socities.  But personal resilience is an integral part of every human being.  Drawing on that resilience is the key to survival in today's impersonal attacks and drive-by vitriol.

Michael Brown has survived, and survived well.  Hear his story of family support, discovering your genuine friends, and how faith comes together to create a resilient attitude to get you through any crisis.

Mr. Brown Goes to Washington

You get a call one day and it's the President-elect's Chief of Staff asking if you'd come to Washington work with his campaign manager who is about to become the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

What would you say?  Of course you'd say yes.

And the rest is history.  From the highs to the lows, Michael Brown describes as no other person can what it is like to work inside the federal government during one of the most exciting and trying times in our nation's history.

Your audience, despite any preconceived notions, will come away inspired and determined to do the best they can at their jobs.