Dr. Ben Carson - "I Don't Condone Lying"

Ben Carson looking foolish again:

When asked about Donald Trump‘s alleged former habit of calling journalists to praise himself under an assumed name, campaign surrogate Ben Carson told CNN’s New Day that he does not condone falsehoods of any kind.

Carson told host Chris Cuomo that it was a long time ago. “All of us have probably done things 25 or 30 years ago that we’ve forgotten about or that we wish we hadn’t done, or we have changed from that in a very significant way.”

“Right, there are much more important issues,” agreed Cuomo. “But if you lied about it… see, you’re ignoring the lying part, that’s why I’m asking about it.”

“I never condone prevarication in any circumstances,” Carson responded. “So that will be a consistent feature.”

Nobody claims Trump is telling the truth about this “John Miller” character when he denies it was him. Of course it was him. Everybody knows it was him. The best they can do is say “all politicians lie” or “there are bigger issues” or “Hillary is a liar.”

Or, as his top advisor, Paul Manafort told CNN, he doesn't know anything about anything:


Why doesn't Jake Tapper, or any other reporter, just say "I think you're lying about this"?

Hillary Clinton is also a giant liar. To take one example of many: when she tells you she ran across the tarmac to avoid sniper fire, and the video shows her strolling around, greeting teenaged children, and looking as relaxed as possible . . . she’s lying. Honest people will admit that, and call it what it is: absurd and even pathological.

Yes, virtually all politicians lie at times. You might even be able to find me an example of Mike Lee lying, although I rather doubt it. But we’re on the cusp of electing one of the most dishonest human beings in recorded history — whichever one of these big government Democrats we pick.

This election is going to be a rapid descent into the toilet.