Trump Goes After Jeff Bezos of Amazon On Hannity

Fox News started the day with the startling news (I am shocked, shocked, I say, to learn that there  is gambling going on in this casino!) the Washington Post had assigned 20 reporters to cover Donald Trump's campaign.  I have said from the beginning of Trump's candidacy the mainstream media would dig and dig deep for any dirt on Trump.

Tonight Oliver Darcy tweeted that Donald Trump had said on Sean Hannity's show that Jeff Bezos' ownership of Amazon raises tax issues, complaining that he (Trump) is getting lots of phone calls from the Washington Post.

Here is Darcy's tweet:

The language Trump uses implies he believes Amazon is receiving favorable tax treatment that must be unfair, unlawful, or something.  But the implication is clear - he doesn't like the press "investigating" him and he links that dislike to a private company's taxes.

Barack Obama notoriously used the IRS to attack conservative organizations.  There is little, if any, doubt in my mind that Donald Trump would act just as badly as Donald Trump if he gets his hands on the reins of power.  

You wonder why I think Trump is a dangerous demagogue?  Read the transcript.  It should be clear.